Sunday, May 08, 2005

taman negara - 02

[300405] after lunch, crossed over to e Park HQ side of e river. big fat rush along Rentis Teresek to reach e canopy walkway before e 2.45pm closing time.


big fat flower (taller than my knee) along Rentis Teresek.

P4300023 P4300024

view from e canopy walkway, 40m above ground. think they allow only 4 people per section of e canopy walk at any one time, & everyone has to be spaced at least 5m apart. we were e last visitors for e day & could take as long a time as we wanted =) unfortunately some screaming kids ahead of us had scared away almost everything except e butterflies & e 8 of us.

P4300026 P4300027

P4300028 P4300029

P4300032 P4300034 P4300035


some of us enjoyed it lots, while a few were more preoccupied with trying to hang on & not look down =P one of e park staff trailed us at e back to ensure that none of us would be left stranded on e canopy walkway when he locked up e place.

woke e guide who was napping at e entrance while waiting for us, & continued on to Bukit Teresek (+344m).

P4300040 P4300041

on e way to Bukit Teresek. e steep sections of e trail up could be tricky in wet weather, but we were blessed with perfect weather for this entire trip =)

P4300044 P4300042

P4300043 P4300051

e first viewpoint at one end of e ridge looks eastwards across e Sungai Tembeling to e forests outside of e national park boundary. from somewhere in that direction we heard rock music, apparently from e mini hi-fi that belongs to e group of Orang Asli who are currently living there.

P4300045 P4300046


about 500m on is e second viewpoint that looks westwards towards e upper Tahan valley. skies were not clear enough so we couldn't make out e profile of Gunung Tahan. backtracked to e first viewpoint to wake e guide again. made our ways back to Kuala Tahan separately as some wanted to rest while others wanted to take more photos &/or detour to Bumbun Tahan.

e cat had e trail all to itself =) but small parts of it have changed due to landslips, fallen trees & rocks, & where wooden steps have collapsed, & e ropes cordoning off e old sections are not always obvious when heading in e downhill direction. ended up having to backtrack at one point after taking a wrong fork & reaching a dead end.


one of e ginger flowers along Rentis Teresek.


P4300054 P4300055

signboard at e start of Rentis Teresek.


P4300058 P4300059

long-tailed macaques at Mutiara Taman Negara Resort.


Kuala Tahan across Sungai Tembeling from Park HQ. Lia restaurant is e second floating restaurant from left. over dinner, all 8 of us became addicted to e mango, banana & milo shakes at Lia restaurant, & over e next 2 days we would order up to 2 shakes per person for each meal that we had there, until they ran out of ice on both days =P

after dinner e Europeans were craving for ice cold beers (they actually tried ordering beer in e Muslim-run Lia restaurant....!) & so we headed uphill along e main drag of Kuala Tahan past plenty of rubber trees to Woodland Resort, a place that seems to cater to big fat noisy groups of Chinese with plenty of boisterous kids.

P4300063 P4300065


e walls, pillars & floor of e lobby were plastered with moths of all colours & sizes.

P4300066 P4300067


P4300071 P4300072

a preying mantis, a 'leaf bug', & a big fat Atlas moth e size of my palm + extended fingers also dropped by for a sip of Carlsberg.

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