Friday, October 28, 2005



purple = by songthaew/truck/bus; blue = by slow boat

map source:

maybe next year, maybe e year after, maybe after PhD, maybe maybe maybe....

e cat can be happy spending e rest of its 9 lives travelling around Southeast Asia & Japan, to e hills & mountains, little towns & need for Paris/London/New York =P

Thursday, October 20, 2005

awe exhib @ NUS central library


she's back! =)

19 oct - 11 nov @ NUS Central Library:


after spending time in library@orchard & D|S|T|A, these (& a lot lot more photos) are now here to provide distraction for undergrad muggers who will be setting up camp there this coming exam season.

see also:

akha way exhibition
akha way exhibition - library@orchard

Friday, October 14, 2005

site of artistic incidents

e cat wants to go to e site of artistic incidents (quirky Japlish =P)
aka. ベネッセアートサイト直島 Benesse Art Site Naoshima, one of Ando Tadao's works

& also to 箱根彫刻の森美術館 Hakone Open-Air Museum

if anyone knows of other such places in Japan with a similar killer combi of good (cool & low humidity) weather + good natural setting & views (mountains, oceans, e more drama e better!) + quiet + good art + good architecture (& use of natural light) + great sense of __B_I_G___F_A_T___S_P_A_C_E__, do let e cat (& changkel) know!

think e cat's affinity for such places has its roots in discarded condemned copies of Pacific Friend magazine salvaged from school libraries that carried feature articles on such places. & some scene in an old j-dorama (aishiteiru to itte kure 愛していると言ってくれ say you love me) filmed in a place that looks like a beautiful art museum. e cat has this strange ability to watch TV shows with 90-100% of its attention on e location/backdrop & birds flying past & trains passing by & trees bending in e wind in e background & 0-10% on e human actors/actresses that are blocking e cat's view of e backdrop.

but e site of artistic incidents & Hakone OAM have to wait for their turn.

for now: Miho Museum in Shiga prefecture + Ando Tadao's 陶板名画の庭 Garden of Fine Art & B-LOCK in Kyoto + certain temples & gardens that e cat once had to study for its architecture cross-faculty module + plenty of trails in e mountains to e north & northwest of Kyoto. this will be Japan trip #2 autumn 2005. #1 was in late spring of 2002.

*sigh* even before going on #2 e cat is already dreaming of places to escape to for #3 (Hokkaido national parks?), #4 & beyond....

Saturday, October 08, 2005

[190905] krung thep

last day of e Bangkok trip:


view from 24F of Pathumwan Princess (10-Q Mee for putting us up there!!). e cat spent a bit of time indulging in one of e favourite activities of cats around e world - sitting curled up beside e large window & watching e world go by....extremely satisfying =)

there will be joggers at both of e National Stadium tracks, & soccer players training in e stadium pitch & takraw players in a multi-purpose court near MBK. & university students in their white shirt + black pants/skirt uniforms making their way to e Chulalongkorn campus & younger students to e super prestigious Triam Udom Suksaa school. & teenagers heading for e private tuition centres & TOEFL/SAT/etc prep centres & cram schools in Siam Square. & tourists & shoppers streaming in & out of MBK, Siam Discovery Centre, Siam Centre & Siam Square. & BTS skytrains plastered with colourful adverts pulling in & out of National Stadium & Siam stations. & green+yellow, blue+red & pink taxis, motorcycle taxis with their 'drivers' in faded orange vests, blue & red BKS buses & air con 'microbuses'. & 'normal' police & tourist police officers & soi dogs on e streets. & e wooden structures of Baan Jim Thompson sitting quietly at e end of Soi Kasemsan 2 while e rest of Bangkok around it turns into concrete. & e landmark Baiyoke Sky Plaza towering over e rest of Pratunam.

e view makes e cat miss Bayshore Park.


leaving Don Muang as storm clouds from tropical storm Vicente moved in. realised that this is e first time in at least 10 years that e cat has encountered rain in Thailand....almost all its trips here have been during e hot & dry or cool & dry seasons.

Monday, October 03, 2005

awe exhib @ occl

(to be cont'd)

[240905] Fish & Co @ 'glass house' after 2nd talk:


[300905] before taking down e exhibition....

main display - front:


main display - reverse:


panel from main display - GPS mapping:


panel from main display:


table display:


whole greater than e sum of its individual parts - always amazed by what e combined efforts of e team can cook up =)

cat kena tou1 pai1:


a lot more, but e librarian said that we couldn't take photos of our own exhibition....! but she was kind enough to get us boxes (we'd forgotten to bring any) to pack e exhibits for transport to e next venue at D|S|T|A. initially thought that e post-expedition exihibition would be a one-off thing, but now it is going places, including NUS central forum in Jan 2006, which makes it even more worth e effort =)