Monday, November 14, 2005

京都 haikingu =)


something e cat has to do at least once a year in order to stay sane. not that it is very sane to begin with ;)

time (long overdue) for e cat to pack up & bring its little brain out of e lab & escape from e confines of this island, & let it run free & bounce around in mental s_p_a_c_e & be inspired again. e cat's mind needs a gooooood stretch.

come think of it, e asics duffel bag squashed at e side of e tatonka has served e cat & its family faithfully for more than 15 years & is still going strong!! hard to find things that are made to last nowadays, in a world where even e planet is treated as if it's disposable.

just realised that e cat's inability to lift >15kg is a surefire way of ensuring that it doesn't exceed its airline baggage allowance =P

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