Sunday, April 23, 2006

京都 2005 - 35 Kyodai

[261105] 5 days ago e cat had to leave its camera at 光楽堂 Korakudo (at 京都市左京区北白川西町82 Kyoto-shi Sakyo-ku Kita-Shirakawa Nishi-cho 82) for 2 hours while e helpful staff there transferred 1+GB of photos from its xD cards onto CD....

camera-less, it popped into e Kyodai campus nearby, & explored e university museum & co-op (check out e co-op homepage & their location map for different types of recycling bins - JP only). both are housed in e university's Clock Tower Centennial Hall, a really happening place in e past where it was e scene of protests, barricaded by students & flooded by water cannons =P

this evening e cat decided to visit Kyodai again since it was in e vicinity of Higashi-Ichijo-dori, one of e main streets cutting across e Yoshida campus:


walking east towards e daimonji (above), it came across e man-maid:


a university health service (MC-dispensing service) run by falcons? ;)

heading towards e University Clock Tower Centennial Building that it didn't get to photograph e other day, e cat stumbled upon something that instantly lifted its spirits:


e last day of e 47th Kyoto University 'November festival' (direct translation) =))

just beyond this main gate (above) of e Yoshida-South campus is e Faculty of Integrated Human Studies building (hidden on left), where Orita-sensei's statue used to stand.....Mr Orita was a principal of e Third High School affiliated to Kyodai that eventually became e university's College of Liberal Arts. in 1991, Kyodai students decided to start 'decorating' his statue like this (Ultraman), this (Sailor Moon), this & this (Easter Island moai) =P

apparently e university authorities were rather tolerant....e worm-class university in Singapore would have put up fences + CCTV camera + signs warning of stiff penalties? still, it got to e point where e university finally removed e statue (to give e poor thing a break?). but e students simply responded by creating their own replacements like this (reminds e cat of many of e NUS Rag & Flag floats), this (Superman), this & this (Nausicaa - a Miyazaki Hayao anime) *LOL*

could we do this to e Merlion?

no statue today, but plenty of people feasting on snacks from stalls run by students from various university clubs & societies & even high schools:




across e road from e Yoshida-South campus:


Astronomy Club?


sake on offer?


can someone translate? 狂言 = farce??


Clock Tower Centennial Hall building:


cute cat!! if they don't want this signboard after e festival is over, can e cat find a way to bring it home?



beautifully-lit at night (above), & standing calm amid e chaos rampaging around....some of e funfair stalls had interesting stuff on offer, like e chance to be carried around on a sedan chair by 6-8 guys, & to get into e driver's seat of some uber-cool racing car & blast your eardrums revving e souped-up engine, apart from e usual food & game & song dedication stalls & music perfomances. there were e staples like hotdogs, waffles & takoyaki, & heavenly aromas wafting through e campus from sizzling griddles....everyone was having a great time =))


recycling bins (above) for up to 7 different catergories of trash were set up everywhere, with teams of students clearing them from time to time. towards e end groups of students ran around screaming out last minute offers for e remaining food. one of e more aggressive stalls that tried to grab hold of e cat:


e mess of bicycles:


ghostly tree:


Kita-Shirakawa bus stop in between e main campus & north campus:


this display informs waiting passengers of e approximate arrival time of their bus....right now e #3 Kyoto City bus from Kitano-Tenmangu-mae heading in e direction of Nishinokyo Enmachi was about a minute away from e Ginkakuji-michi stop, & ~3 minutes from this stop:


so much for e information....buses came & went & there were none that anyone could squeeze onto, especially e #17 service that serves e famous temples of e northern part of Higashiyama, & that would take e cat back to K's House hostel. resorted to squeezing on e first bus that had space to get somewhere where it could change to another bus to get back. hopped off after 4 stops at Kawaramachi-Imadegawa (for fear of continuing further west into e deep unknown of some unfamiliar part of Kyoto city), where it explored a little shopping arcade & found this on its way to Aoibashi Nishizume:


all too soon, e cat would be heading back to a part of e world where people understand what 'tidak apa apa' is =|

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