Sunday, February 04, 2007

chiangrai 2005 - 23 Ban Apa

almost all photos in this post by YK

[181205] to Chiangrai city to make the 2 biggest fattest ATM withdrawals of the cat's 9 lives, literally surrounded by YK, Jadej (staff), Top (coordinator for Thai volunteers) & 3 Thai volunteers. no big fat hole in the cat's pockets though, for the $$$ was all donated by members of the A.W.E.! team =) back in the MAG truck, the stack of purple notes was sorted into different amounts & slotted into envelopes labelled with recipients' names - all in Thai!

Ban Apa info centre:


[1] info on Akha culture & Ban Apa added after A.W.E.! team left in 2004
[2] hierarchy charts of tribal council, elders' group, women's group, youth group etc done by A.W.E.! team
[3] hierarchy charts & framed photos shifted from rear wall to interior of front wall
[4] photo of Ata weaving at her loom, & village map drawn by Japanese volunteer(s)


[1] village map made by A.W.E.! team enjoying pride of place at front of info centre
[2] mud layer at upper left of white board has fallen off
[3] fence built to protect the plants
[4] amazing - they are still alive!


[1] remnants of A.W.E.! team 'logo'
[2] mud layer cracked & fallen off; PA system installed at upper left
[3] another hole in the rear wall

the tree that kena chopped now supports Atee's laundry pole:


info centre had been designed with gap in rear wall to accommodate this tree, but villagers lopped off all branches before KH could stop them!

buseh (headman) making announcement in Akha:


never did we imagine that the info centre we built would be used for this purpose....


[1] wooden signboard added above entrance of info centre
[2] Jadej (representing MAG) explaining everything in Thai
[3] buseh translating everything Jadej said into Akha; lady in middle is the one who kena the eye injury (splinter?)
[4] arranging the envelopes
[5] photos served as proof of receipt of donations, since not all villagers are literate & able to write/sign their name
[6] relieved that everything went rather smoothly - big fat 10-Q to Top, Jadej, YK & rest of A.W.E. team in Singapore =)

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