Monday, May 07, 2007

221206 more Phongsaly

Propaganda-ish-looking signboard:


Wording roughly reads literally as: sukyuu (push) sohngseum (promote) kaanphalid (production) sinkhaa (merchandise) hadthakam (handicraft) thii bpen (that is?) mun (heritage??) seua (ancestry) khawng (of/belonging to) bpasaason (people) bandaa (all) phao (tribe) yaangkhaenghaeng (strongly)*

*corrections most welcome

  1. selling machetes, shoulder bags & shirts
  2. Lao men have to do their share of laundry?
  3. containers for sticky rice, khantoke tables, chicken coops & conical hats for sale
  4. [R-L]: Akha lady spinning thread with Akha spindle in right hand, lady weaving at loom, man weaving basket from bamboo
Right in the centre of town paths like this one lead off the main road into a rabbit warren of stone & wooden houses decorated with assorted plants & laundry:


Lantana - a most familiar (poisonous) plant from home!


Notice in Viphaphone lobby - missing since March 2006:


View from Viphaphone entrance reflected on reception window:


Two ladies sat here the entire morning, washing glass bottles to be recycled:


Boys playing in front of the Kaysone monument after school, spinning homemade wooden tops identical to those that Akha boys play with during the Men's New Year:


Very little needed to set up a food stall:


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