Sunday, February 17, 2008

the two 'Ly's

[170208] even before the cat has finished writing about its first trip to Laos, or written anything about the second, it is already dreaming of a third:

two lys
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Why the places on this clockwise route starting/ending in Vientiane:
1. because it's there
2. because there's no one else there

Hence the two 'Ly's - Sayabouly & Phongsaly, the southwest & northeast corners of northern Laos. Many more reasons, including the Nam Ou river, karst scenery, mountains in an ocean of fog, & a whole lot of Tai Leu temples & Akha subgroups. The last green section of the route is just because the cat has to get back to Vientiane cheaply.

Hopefully Mr Saysouly Guesthouse Bouncer, Monk Spoil Market (former novice turned 20 y/o 9 days ago & ordains as a full monk today), Phongsaly Novice #1 (if the cat can find him in Udomxai again) & Pig-friend (from Muang Houn) can help with info on their hometowns/villages =) Anyone with useful tips is welcome to share them. So far the only account the cat has found of travelling the Nam Ou between Oa Tai & somewhere south of Ou Tai is by whitewater rafting with an overnight camp on a sandbar.

Hopefully it will be possible to take '我来也' (the cat was here) photos at the Lan Tui border =P

Hopefully the cat will have better luck with Nam Ou boats this time *paws crossed*

Hopefully Air Asia will still run their KUL-VTE route by the time (long way off) the cat can get down to this *paws crossed*

Kobayashi-san - please don't freak out!!

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