Sunday, May 04, 2008

261206 Wat Hosieng - 01

Omitted from most travel guidebooks, websites & maps, & partially hidden by large trees & its raised location above street level. Quite a few of the few tourists who discover Wat Hosieng label their photos of it as Wat Mahathat, probably because most sources of tourist info indicate the latter as the sole temple in the vicinity.


3-D Pha Ram (Rama) on the tympanum of the pediment/gable (much better quality photo here), looking like an ancient Lao version of a toy action figure:


Bottom row looks like a series of Rahu or Kala faces:


On both sides of the steps leading up to the portico, naga that are either bloodthirsty or addicted to chewing betel nut (hence the red mouth & teeth) emerge from the mouth of a makara:


Like naga, makara are aquatic creatures that are the mount of the Hindu goddess Ganga & god Varuna. Does anyone out there know why naga emerge from the mouth of makara? This is also seen on the main stairs at the Chao Fa Ngum Road side of the temple.

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