Sunday, November 23, 2008

271206 evening view from Phou Si - west

On the right, the hill (Phou Si) that the cat was standing on, as seen from Wat Pa Phon Phao two years later:

(Click here & here to see someone else's views from the plane)

Residence of the former French governor is the green-roofed building to the left. That Chomsi atop the hill, with the upper bit of the stairs of the southeast route at right:


That ທາດ = chedi เจดีย์ = stupa = structure in which sacred relics of the Buddha, remains of highly revered monks or royalty, or Buddha images & amulets are enshrined. Grandstand Base of That Chomsi:


Note to self: place offerings at southeastern side of That, never on this side...

When the cat returned the next afternoon, it saw this 'haam bon kheun that' (lit. forbid/prohibit go up stupa) sign that had been hidden by all the butts & legs the previous evening:


Wonder if a couple more of that thorny Euphorbia milii (aka. crown of thorns) potted plant placed strategically would help reinforce the message...

What the audience was waiting for:


Beside the cat was Mr Malaysian, who'd rushed up from the southeast route just in the nick of time to catch the sunset. The cat managed to convince him & his Lao guide that it was a Singapura longkang meow & not a Lao cat just before the sun sank behind the mountains. Mr Malaysian's ticket was stamped '27 DEC 2006' - had the old man at the ticket booth turned back the clock date on the stamp?

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