Sunday, January 16, 2011

071209 Wat Had Siaw 6 - meditation corridor

An interruption to normal programming - a 'special feature' series of posts on Wat Had Siaw in Chomphet district of Luang Prabang. Please see part 1 of this series for background info on this place & the reason for this 'special feature'.

Facing the viharn is the long narrow building for the practice of walking meditation:


Apparently only 4 temples in Luang Prabang have such a structure, & 3 of them are on this side of the Mekong (the other two being Wat Long Khoun & Wat Khok Phab). The cat has yet to come across any mention of similar structures in temples elsewhere - do they now exist only in Luang Prabang?

Like the viharn, this structure is also crumbling - parts of the roof are gone:


Instead of windows, it has only small openings along its length for ventilation, & a single door in the middle:


The floor of the interior was littered with bits & pieces of the roof & plaster that had cracked off the walls:


The wall facing the viharn is keeling over:


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elena said...

Has this building any other purpose? Is there anything inside,i.e. decorations ?