Wednesday, February 29, 2012

270112 Chiangmai to Wiang Pa Pao

Break from normal late January 2012 the cat went on a 3D2N trip with 20+ other people to an Akha friend's village & coffee farm in Chiangrai province.

Coffee Journey with Akha Ama to learn how this happens - the entire process from seed to cup:


A stranger busy filming the cat as it walked down Hussadhisawee Soi 3 towards Akha Ama Cafe...?? Turned out that a production crew was coming along to film a documentary for Thai PBS channel...a fortnight later another crew from Switzerland would be here for a similar purpose...

Ban Maejantai is somewhere up in the mountains of Chiangrai province, northeast of Phrao. Chartered songthaew would take the 20+ of us along the highway to Mae Tam, just north of Wiang Pa Pao. There we would switch to 3 twincabs for the 1.5+h climb on 30+KM of mostly unpaved dirt road up to the village.

The Chiangmai-Mae Khajan-Wiang Pa Pao songthaew:


Never knew songthaew came with any sort of load or passenger limit but the capacity is painted there just left of the tail light - 1800 KG, seat 12 pax, stand " - " pax...when we all know it is minimum 4 pax standing/clinging on in reality ;)


Familiar Mae Khajan landmark - midpoint marker for all the Chiangmai-Chiangrai journeys:


New rice yet to be transplanted:


Lunch stop at a place in Wiang Pa Pao known for its fish kuaytiao:


Kao Lao Leuat Muu? What has pig's blood got to do with fish kuaytiao...?


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