Thursday, March 01, 2012

27-290112 Ban Maejantai - 01

Ban Maejantai - Moobaan 25, Tambon Tha Kor, Amphoe Mae Suay, Chiangrai province:


25 might be the largest หมู่บ้าน moobaan (administrative village) number the cat has come across to date - it usually sees numbers smaller than 15. At 30+ households, Ban Maejantai is slightly smaller than Ban Apa (40+ households). With a population smaller than the minimum required (500 people?) for moobaan status, it is lumped together with a neighbouring village to form Mooban 25.

No lack of slopes in an Akha village:


Ban Maejantai from the porch of Mimi's house near the bottom of the village:


View from the top of the village just below the temple:


Ming Lang village in the distance (centre) - a steep climb to & from school for the kids:


Contour ploughing at bottom right - there are small tea farms around Ming Lang village:


Most households have switched from the traditional imperata grass roof to corrugated zinc:


Something not seen in the Akha villages in non-coffee growing regions like Mae Salong, Mae Yao & northern Laos - large bamboo platforms for drying coffee beans:


One of the two houses that hosted some of the guys on this Journey:


It was also one of the two houses where the cat spotted beehives fashioned from sections of large tree trunks. Wonder if the villagers carry the hives to their fields?


Mattress delivery?


House (with a little shop) that hosted some of the ladies on this Journey:


Compare this with the same view in December 2007/January 2008:


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