Monday, September 12, 2005

akha way exhibition

photo credit: thelittlestraycat

this is Ata showing e cat how to spin thread from cotton using an Akha spindle. she also showed e cat how to string together dyed chicken feathers to make e long red furry-looking tassels that hang on both sides of her head from e tip of her U-Lo Akha headdress. e cat spent quite a bit of time sitting with her to watch her sew. to see this photo, & many others, & to find out why & where e cat disappeared to last December, pop by library@orchard to take a look at e photo exhibition:


public exhibition
12-30 sep 2005

special talks
sat 17 sep 3pm (ecotourism)
sat 24 sep 3pm



& while you're there, see if you can spot both halves of this photo:

photo credit: NK

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