Monday, September 26, 2005



90 บาท/ผืน, JJ section 25, 072-2/3. blue cloth pattern: less well-known part of Songkran celebrations - building 'sandcastles' on temple grounds & sticking colourful flags in them


JJ section 20, 083-5/6 (shoulder bags); section 11, 032-12/1 (heliconia)


JJ section 25, 280-3/5. mobiles made by e Thai Phuan (according to e stall owner) who live in Laos & parts of Thailand. this shop has Phamee Akha headdresses & Hmong skirts among other hilltribe handicrafts too, wonder how some of them were sourced....?


JJ section 25, 108-2/4. sold in Singapore for ridiculous prices =P lazy cat has some ironing to do....


JJ section 11, 032-12/1. wrapping paper from Grace Greetings Co Ltd's JJ outlet.

in this kind of paintings used for temple murals, everything is e 'same size' regardless of whether it is in e foreground or background. which makes you feel as if you could step into any part of e picture & enter e houses & walk through e doorways & pop your head out of e windows & run across e fields & jump into e rivers & climb onto e boats & pull up e fishing nets & pluck ripe fruits from e trees & lift up e baskets & catch hold of a kid skipping past. & such is e wealth of detail that cats can spend a long time gazing at them.

7 บาท greeting cards from e same stall:


royal ploughing ceremony, where e oxen are offered a choice of different foods, & e ones that they choose to eat will foretell how good/poor e year ahead will be. e guy in white walking ahead of e oxen should be a Brahmin priest blowing a conch shell, & e people in e background are flying 'star-shaped' kites. there are 'male' kites called 'chula' & 'female' kites called something starting with 'p' (forgot). buildings in e background should be that of e royal palace in Rattanakosin.


preparing for planting (I think?), with trees full of ripe mangos & papayas, & cattails by e water's edge


splashing of water & building of sandcastles during Songkran


is this is khao4 phan1saa2 (lit. enter rainy season aka. rains retreat) or something else, since people are presenting offerings to e monk? what e cat likes about this picture are e musical instruments


harvest time - farmers with sickles, plucking fruit from e trees, ox cart laden with bags full of grain, & harvesting lotus leaves & buds


not from JJ, but e bookstore on e 3rd floor of Siam Centre (which is undergoing extensive renovation - to prepare for e opening of Siam Paragon next door?). great thing about buying books in Bangkok is that e service staff will automatically wrap e book in a clear plastic cover, carefully trim e plastic cover down to size & tape down e free ends with scotchtape, no matter how long e queue behind you grows =) even if it isn't some expensive purchase, like this Unseen Paradise book that cost 199 บาท (SGD 8+)

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