Tuesday, January 10, 2006

京都 2005 - 15 Yama-no-be-no-michi special: CAT edition!

[191105] what is a countryside without plenty of fat, friendly cats? ;)

cats love Japanese gardens....


appreciating e sunshine in e 375-year-old garden of Chogakuji temple's 旧地蔵院....in a strategically chosen spot to prevent visitors from sitting on e verandah ;)


PB190982 PB190989

more of e friends that e little straycat met along e way:

[3] e Siamese tomcat that followed e little straycat, until they both crossed into e territory of [4] e black & white cat kooning in e vegetable patch, which [5] woke up & came over for [6] a friendly greeting, but was nudged away by [7] a chocolate brown cat policing [8] e invisible boundary between their territories. [9] 2 snoozing cats that woke up to [10] eat from a rice cooker pot. [11] another Chogakuji temple cat, & its [12] colleague manning e ticket counter at e entrance....


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