Saturday, January 14, 2006

京都 2005 - 17 Miho museum 01

[201105] Miho Museum

e use of glass as a 'permeable' boundary that defines yet juxtaposes 'inside' & 'outside'....


where people seem to be absorbed into a virtual dimension between e two....


what they call e 'dream door'....


that leads to e main piece of art not mentioned in e list of exhibits....


....e bell tower (by I.M. Pei) & Meishushama hall (by e guy who designed e twin towers of New York City's WTC) buried in e distant Misono valley, framed by an old pine tree & windows of e atrium at e main entrance....


e headquarters of e 神慈秀明会 Shinji Shumeikai spiritual organisation that built this museum to house e Shumei Family Art Collection....

[a photo showing e relative positions of e Miho Museum (left) & e headquarters (foreground)]

reflection or imagination?


....e clouds & bell tower behind e ridge separating e valleys, on e trees surrounding e museum


....e corridor leading to e north wing



[1, 3] north wing; [2, 8] e metal 'starfish' that support e roof structure; [4] staircase; [5, 7, 10] main entrance; [6] skylight; [9] e cavernous B1F entrance for barrier-free access



[1] entrance plaza at west end of bridge; [2, 3, 8] north wing rock garden; [4, 5] 'dream' door at main entrance; [6] bus bay at reception pavilion; [7] a modern take on traditional stone lanterns; [9] view from north wing; [10] north wing; [11] atrium at main entrance

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