Sunday, June 17, 2007

231206 Hat Sa - 01

Phongsaly-Hat Sa bus in front of the market:


It was the only bus with the door on the left side (directly behind the driver's seat) that the cat came across in Lao, where left-hand-drive on the right side of the road is the rule, & left-hand-drive on & off any side of anything that resembles a road is reality. At the back of the market is a green-roofed building with locked toilets.

Dt-a-hl-aa-d H-aa-d-s-aa:


Another collection of country flags & NGO logos - the French have been building facilities for markets all over Phongsaly.

Looking upriver:


How many travellers have stood here & felt the pull of the beyond, wishing that they had the time (& $$$) to follow the Nam Ou upstream to Ban Oa Tai, Muang Ou Tai & further on towards the northernmost extreme of Lao PDR that adjoins the 江城哈尼族彝族自治县 Jiangcheng Hani-zu Yi-zu Autonomous County (in China Akha are classified as Hani) of Yunnan...

Some kids are going to be so overjoyed with balloons =)


Hat Sa boat landing:


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