Sunday, August 22, 2010

050107 another morning in Ban Apa

Aki & the other cat at 'their' house:

Photo by the other HY

In 2004, AS making the same type of bamboo cups seen in the above photo:

Photo by Big Black Cat

He had truncated the slanted rim, making it even easier to drink from. AS & wife were among the 26 in the 2005 accident, & his wife one of the more seriously injured. She was excited to see man-maid & the cat in 2010 & started explaining to a fellow villager about the accident & the help received from the A.W.E. team - using her own animated version of sign language (she is mute).

To visit Ata at her new house - with windows (traditional Akha houses have none):


She makes some of the nicest Akha clothing but prefers to dress in older stuff unless there's a special occasion. Here she has fixed on the top piece of her headdress:


Here without, standing at her handicraft stall:


She always has oranges & bananas in her bag or somewhere else within reach. & she always refers to herself as 'mama' & to us as 'baby' :P

Older half of Ban Apa as seen from outside Ata's house - the big open space is where celebrations are held:


Changes - (above) more parking shelters for more motorbikes, (below left) a new (as of 2005) 'karaoke palace' in front of the 'panda house', & (below right) benches in front of the info centre replacing the plants:


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