Sunday, December 04, 2005

京都 2005 - 01 SIN > KUL > KIX



this man in a long white flowing robe & skull cap (like what Muslim men wear for prayer) was babbling animatedly in a non-Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia language on e phone in e boarding area, until a policewoman told him to end his call. he was then escorted onto e aircraft by two police officers before any passengers were allowed to board.

e cat was seated next to a lady who seemed rather restless. all she had was a small handbag. & e stewardess told her to stay put in her seat & not to disembark but await instructions on landing at KLIA. e cat had this really strange feeling, & when it looked back, e man who had boarded e plane under police escort was seated directly behind it....seems like both were refused entry into Singapore &/or were being deported?

how come kena such seat one....(but at least e cat wasn't put into e cargo hold =P)

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