Monday, December 05, 2005

京都 2005 - 05 Kiyomizudera - Jishujinja

[151105] Kiyomizudera - Jishujinja(?)

along e walk up Gojozaka to Kiyomizudera:


e 2nd character's literal meaning in Chinese doesn't help much to dispel e negative stereotype that some have of geisha....

this guy greets all who step past e ticket gate of Kiyomizudera:


e part of Kiyomizudera that appears in all postcards & tourist brochures:

PB150081 PB150082

which is supported by just this wooden structure:


this makes it 2 out of 2 temples that e cat has been to which have major sections under renovation:

PB150078 PB150084

view of Kyoto:



that tower again:


e sacred spring where people come to drink e water, & also to fill up bottles to bring some home:

PB150069 PB150071

more Kiyomizudera:

PB150027 PB150042

PB150096 PB150103

PB150108 PB150110

Kiyomizudera opens at 6am, e cat was there at 7am, & big fat crowds & school groups flood in at 9am to take photos of people taking photos of whatever is blocked by people who are blocked by other people ;) waiting for their turn to take class photos at e entrance to Kiyomizudera:

PB150125 PB150121

within Kiyomizudera is a shrine, Jishujinja, which has its own homepage:

PB150068 PB150049 PB150051

PB150050 PB150052

a place to pray for xing4 fu2 =P


this place seems to have plenty of rabbits around. giant bunny selling o-mamori:

PB150057 PB150067

more o-mamori:

PB150054 PB150056

& then e cat saw this rock in e middle of e path:


second place in Japan e cat has been to where e dragon on e ceiling is supposed 'roar' (echo?) if you stand directly beneath it & clap loudly ;) wonder if anyone would sell e wallpaper version so that Japanese can have their own 'roaring dragons' on their living room ceilings:



further on e cat found another rock, & an explanation for its presence:

PB150064 PB150064a

bottom left sign says, '....write down your troubles on this paper doll & put it into e water nearby....When the paper dissolves in water, your troubles will be cleared up':


on leaving Kiyomizudera, e cat found a path leading downhill from e tea shop in e distance:


which led into a large cemetery with a view of what else but that tower again:

PB150111 PB150118 PB150115

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