Monday, December 05, 2005

京都 2005 - 06 Higashiyama

[151105] Sannenzaka - Ninenzaka - Ishibekoji - Nenenomichi

in e crowds along e road leading up to Kiyomizudera, a bunch of pilgrims in white on e right:


Sannenzaka, a sloping street lined with beautiful Kyoto-style traditional wooden houses, craft shops & restaurants:

PB150129 PB150128 PB150131

PB150133 PB150134

many of e traditional houses have at least one such guy on e roof:


this house has plenty of interesting ones =)


super cute incense burner - smoke escapes through its nose & mouth:


think this is e traditional kinda storehouse that people built from earth/clay (more resistant to fire than e wooden houses) to store valuable stuff?


tiny shrine:


not sure what this is for, but many houses have it stuck to their main door:


forgot what this is called:

PB150141 PB150142

down Ninenzaka, straight into a TV film crew:

PB150144 PB150145

guess who lives here ;)



southern Higashiyama:


sat down on e steps leading up to Kodaiji to change camera battery, & turned around to see this:


map of southern Higashiyama - e cat is covering e light blue, green, red & part of e purple routes today:


Ishibekoji, a little alley lined with beautiful traditional houses:

PB150156 PB150157 PB150158

'rain chain' - e Japanese way of channeling rain water down from roof gutters with minimal splashing & no ugly pipes:

PB150161 PB150163

more stuff stuck to e main door, & a nice way to cover up e utility box:

PB150164 PB150166

house with a little patch of dry garden:

PB150168 PB150169

e cat spotted a tiny path leading off Ishibekoji that didn't have e usual 立入禁止 sign at e entrance, which turned out to be Kyo-rakuichi-nene, a bunch of 14 traditional shops along a short alley that links up to Nene-no-michi:


Nene-no-mchi, with a priest(?) in purple robes hurrying down e street:

PB150178 PB150179

Higashiyama & Arashiyama have these jinsha (rickshaw) pullers to cater to tourists:


there is a safety belt secured across e passengers' laps, & a thick red blanket to keep their legs warm

e cat thought this guy was walking his pet sheep....


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