Sunday, December 04, 2005

京都 2005 - 02 KIX > Osaka > Kyoto - K's House

[141105] KIX > Osaka > Kyoto - K's House

KIX island seems so low-lying, won't tidal waves wipe out e runways?

shorter time getting past immigration - because e cat's passport has e 3-year-old Narita entry & exit stamps to show that it has been to Japan before & not overstayed?

bought e Y1830 JR train ticket - hope won't get lost changing trains at Osaka....

exited terminal building to cross e linkway to e JR train station - first trees with coloured leaves =)


somehow found e right platform (#3) for e kanku ('kansai kuko' abbreviated?) kaisoku train bound for Hineno-Osaka-Kyoubashi. 2nd time in Japan, 1st time on JR, discovered that backrests of single seats can be flipped over to change e direction one faces when seated.


crossed e bridge linking KIX to mainland into e grey suburbs, passed Rinku town & vegetable patches & trees with red/brown/yellow foilage & fat persimmons. announcements in Japanese & English all e way to Osaka station.

PB140012 PB140014

nearing Osaka station, spotted a building by Ando Tadao (name?) but no time for photo - not much time to get e cat & its barang out of e train before it moves on to Kyoubashi.


nearing Kyoto, spotted e pagoda of Toji in e south.

down into e underground Porta shopping mall & subway station linked to Kyoto station, got e most detailed Kyoto city bus map from e info counter near e subway fare gates. in Japanese only, with every single bus stop & route shown - available online but too large to print out; simplified tourist versions in English & Japanese show only major stops & routes.

walked north along e underground passage & up e final east exit, surfacing outside e Lawson konbini at Shijo-Karasuma intersection, & on to K's House hostel.

PB140017 PB140018

wonderful place =) cleaner than many of e places that e cat & its family have stayed in in USA & Europe! allowed to use e room, safe & facilities & leave barang there though e bed & new sheets wouldn't be ready until 3pm.

11am on a Sunday morning & e only other room mate was fast asleep. for one person she had tonnes of stuff - one large suitcase & several other bags plus more bags surrounding her on her bunk & clothes hanging from e sides of e bunk....turned out to be one of e long term residents of K's House, those who stay for months while working or job-hunting in e city.

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wa.. very well travelled... so good =) me gg osaka.. staying hostel K.. glad ur review of it was good ;)