Monday, December 05, 2005

京都 2005 - 07 Maruyama-koen - Yasakajinja - Murin-an

[151105] Maruyama-koen - Yasakajinja - Murin-an

七五三 shichi-go-san - a big fat reason why Yasakajinja & Heianjingu were planned for today ;)

PB150205 PB150206


not many colourful obi to be seen on this trip - many ladies were wearing e 'overcoat' (like e one on e right) in e cold weather:

PB150208 PB150212 PB150213

a peep at Gion through one of e gates of Yasakajinja:


Maruyama-koen, a lovely public park =)

PB150196 PB150201

yellow ginkgo!! e cat is so incredibly happieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *big fat grin*

PB150226 PB150229

perfect place to sit down for lunch =)


kindergarten outing:


where a pair decided to run off on their own to look at pigeons:


ducks training ping2 heng2, & a cute 'alarm clock' (as Pig-pig would term it):

PB150236 PB150238

to keep e homeless away?


bald sakura tree:


Chion-in, with e giant temple bell - one of e popular places to usher in e New Year by striking e bell 108 times:

PB150251 PB150248

PB150252 PB150253

PB150254 PB150255


yet more cute-sy roadworks signs:


PB150263 PB150265

bear & owl cloning:


e type of petrol station where e pump handles dangle from above:

PB150268 PB150267

big fat torii of Heianjingu, with police, barriers & a police bus to remind you of Bush's presence:

PB150269 PB150303

at every intersection in & around Okazaki Park there were policemen armed with what looks like e solid wood version of kendo swords.

shichi-go-san family outing, & a cat adoption(?) poster:

PB150270 PB150272

Murin-an, a beautiful little borrowed scenery garden with e Higashiyama mountains in e distance, & hardly a soul around:

PB150287 PB150284

PB150273 PB150295


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